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word left unsaid
important things you should take note! 
Jan 01 2014
I got several requests to join this community. People, have you even read my intro? What did I say about joining? INTRODUCE YOURSELF. BECAUSE I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW PEOPLE WHO READ MY STORIES BECAUSE I DON'T WANT OLD THINGS TO REPEAT. (Although there weren't much people know about this, but I still hate the fact that someone translates my fic without letting me know!). Pls, I'm not asking for too much, aren't I? Introduce yourself and both of us can be happy. You can read my locked story now and I gain new readers which I'm very happy to have. But pls, just introduce yourself. I'm not asking for too much. You guys don't need to read my whole intro, but just after the gifs of Jaejoong that I put there, I said something about if you want to join this community, introduces yourself here!
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